Automatik Mix Marijuana Seeds

Automatik Mix

Type: Auto-flowering, feminized
Climate: Indoor, outdoor
Flowering: 50 to 80 days
Yield: 250 to 300gr/m2
Height: 40 to 100cm
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: Normal strength
THC Level:
Growing: Easy

Automatik Mix is a selection of the auto-flowering marijuana seeds of 00 Seeds. It is an assorted presentation of the strains available from the company and also includes those varieties that are yet to be introduced formally in the market. These are versatile weed plants that because of ruderalis genetics make them strong and easy to grow.
Flowering time is expected to reach 50 to 80 days depending on the particular phenotype being grown. Height is no problem as most of them will grow to just about 1 meter in an indoor set-up. Outdoors, they can be expected to grow a bit taller but still within medium height. Yield is on the average and the grower can expect to harvest 25 to 300gr/m2 on the average. When raised outdoors, harvest season is anywhere between April to September.