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Cropi Canna Seeds

Cropi Canna Marijuana Seeds Cropi Canna Seeds is one of the reputable breeders of marijuana seeds, this company produces high-quality cannabis strains that caught the fancy of many weed lovers around the world. Though they have no website of their own, they nevertheless are fully exposed online courtesy of the weed seeds that they produce and which are carried by a lot of reputable seedbanks. Cropi Canna reviews are many and mostly praises as well as grow reports of those [Read more..]



Nirvana Marijuana Seeds This company is one of the largest marijuana seeds breeder in the world and they also have one of the most comprehensive line-up of cannabis seed varieties like Regular seeds, feminized, medical marijuana seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. By far, Nirvana seeds review mostly attest to the company’s statement of its goal to be the most reliable source of weed seeds in the world. Some of the weed seeds sold by this seedbank are actually produced specifically according [Read more..]

2012-08-01T13:08:33+00:00 Marijuana Seeds has just been re-launched during the last quarter of 2011. This seeds retailer sells only all female cannabis (feminized) seeds. It carries the widest selection of female seeds including the 2010 Female Seeds Cannabis Cup winner from Barney’s Farm, the Tangerine Dream Seeds. Aside from Barney’s Farm, the quality female seeds of come from top breeders including Black Skull, Big Buddha Seeds, Delicious Seeds, Nirvana and Royal Dutch Genetics. The newest addition to its already [Read more..]


Alphakronik Genes Seeds

Alphakronik Genes Marijuana Seeds Alphakronik Seeds are available online through the Attitude seed bank; therefore they can be shipped all around the world, including the United States. AlphaKronik is marijuana breeders and seed providers with their own lines coming from pot parents as famous as the Space Queen and the SnowDawg. They offer feminized, regular, and landrace strains, all hybrids, and many of those are F1, exhibiting typical hybrid vigor. AlphaKronik specializes in producing genetics of medical strength and variety. [Read more..]


Marc Emery Seeds

Marc Emery Marijuana Seeds Known as the Prince of Pot, this marijuana activist is a very popular figure in the cannabis world. He was the publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, founder of BC Marijuana Bookstore among many other marijuana related activities. He established Marc emery Direct Marijuana Seeds and it is a seedbank that specializes in selling quality marijuana seeds from credible and popular breeders. The company get marijuana seeds direct from the breeders themselves so the buyer is assured [Read more..]