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Hemp Shopper

Hemp Shopper Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank that sell marijuana seeds from breeder companies like Big Buddha, BC Bud Depot, Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds, and Lowryder Seeds among others. The website of this company is down for maintenance as of this writing and therefore some information like particular strains and prices of their weed seeds are not available. The same follows for shipping arrangements. As for payment options, they are known to accept credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, [Read more..]


Multi Seeds

Multi Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder of fine marijuana seeds that has produced strains not just to breed for the sake of crossing but to strike a balance between sativa and indica blending. All of their marijuana seeds are perfectly bred to a 50:50 sativa and indica and this is something that is no longer possible with many breeders. Though they have no website as of now, they nevertheless get online exposure from seedbanks that carry their strains [Read more..]


Pollinator Company

Pollinator Company Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank based in Amsterdam and they sell marijuana seeds coming from very few and select breeders like DNA Genetics, KC Brains, MultiSeeds, Nirvana Seeds, and Soma Seeds. They offer marijuana seeds on retail or wholesale basis with package sales of 5,6,10, 25 and up to 500 seeds. Those who will buy marijuana seeds on wholesale basis can get the pot seeds at a very low price of just .40 euros. For retail, [Read more..]


Indor Shop

Indor Shop Marijuana Seeds A seedbank based in Poland, Indor shop carry marijuana seeds from breeders like Pyramid seeds, Vulkania Seeds, Professional Seeds, Positronics, and Dinafem Seeds among others. They have a wide variety of strains available for sale such as landrace seeds, hybrid strains that cover feminized, regular and auto-flowering strains. They sell marijuana seeds in original breeder’s package priced in zl currency. Some of the weed seeds featured in their website as of this writing are AK Rapid, [Read more..]


Medical Marijuana Seeds Wholesaler

Medical Marijuana Seeds Wholesaler Marijuana Seeds The company name is initials for Medical Marijuana Seeds Wholesaler and they supply some of the finest medical marijuana seeds produced by breeders around the world such as Buddha Seeds, Sensi Star, Peacemaker, Cash Crop ken, and finest Medical Seeds to name a few. They have for sale marijuana seeds such as Sweeth tooth from Barney’s Farm, BC Mango from BC Bud Depot and many others. The company specializes in medical marijuana seeds and [Read more..]