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White Dwarf Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Riot Seeds

White Dwarf Type:  Regular, Medical, Autoflowering Climate: Flowering: 73 days Yield:  Height:  Indica/Sativa:  Ruderalis/Indica Effect: Flavour:  Fruity THC Level:  Growing:  Medium/Hard White Dwarf is a hybrid of both ruderalisand Indicastrains. This marijuana strain is not a hybrid ofIndica and Sativastrains, which is actually the most usual marijuana plant you would see. This marijuana strain could be cultivated indoors, outdoors, as well as in a greenhouse. On the other hand, this marijuana strain is an autofloweringmarijuana strain that [Read more..]


X-kush #1 Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Breeder Choice Organisation

X-kush #1 Type:  Regular, Medical Climate: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse Flowering: 7-9 weeks Yield:  High Height:  High Indica/Sativa:  Indica Effect:  Strong Flavour:  Hashish Taste THC Level:   Growing:  Easy/Medium X-Kush #1 is another marijuana strain that has been devised from an extremely pure Indica Kush line of marijuana plant. This marijuana plant is for indoor growers that would like to have a strain with a hard hitting Indica influence as well as a high THC. The combination of X-Kush #1 is actually from [Read more..]


Big Bud Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Golden Seed

Big Bud Type:  Regular, feminized Climate: Indoor,  Outdoor Flowering: 55 days Yield:  HIgh Height:  Medium Indica/Sativa:  Hybrid Effect:  High, stoned Flavour:  Skunk THC Level:  15% Growing:  Easy This 50% indica and 50% sativa hybrid marijuana strain is the stabilized hybrid of the original Big Bud genetics that originated from USA. It is the result of a meticulous breeding process to preserve the fine genetics of its original strain. Big Bud is known for producing heavy yield of large buds that [Read more..]


Zilvermist Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – All Star Genetics

Zilvermist Type: Regular, Feminized, Medical Climate: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse Flowering: 75-85 days Yield: 400-500 (gr/m2 in SOG) Height: Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa Effect: Lovely Effect Flavour: THC Level: Growing: Easy Zilvermistwould certainly give you perfect characteristics you are looking for a marijuana plant. Zilvermist has a strain background of mostly Sativa proven by its 70% Sativa background and 30% rest for Indica strain background.This marijuana plant would provide you frosty crystals all over its body. On the other hand, expect that it has [Read more..]



Malberry Grow Marijuana Seeds Malberry Grow Marijuana Seeds is a seed breeder that originates from the Netherlands. This country is known for having some of the best and widely developed marijuana strains in the market today. Because of this, Malberry Grow Marijuana Seeds is sure to offer some of the most potent weed seeds that any cannabis grower would love to have. For many years, they have studied the cannabis plant and the many health benefits that it brings. They [Read more..]