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White Afghan Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Philosopher Seeds

White Afghan Crossing Afghani with White Widow, Philosopher Seeds came up with hybrid marijuana they called White Afghan to give tribute to the excellent genetics of both its parents. This weed plant is 100% Indica and it is readily shown by its phenotype with a strong and sturdy appearance, dark green wide leaves, and short intermodal distance. It is a robust pot plant that can grow in both indoor and outdoor settings and particularly ideal for grow rooms because it [Read more..]


Yumbolt Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Philosopher Seeds

Yumbolt This hybrid marijuana is one of the varieties considered as part of the old school since it dates back as the 70s. Yumbolt is actually the result of crossing Afgani with a Himalaya strain and this crossing resulted in a 100% Indica hybrid that quickly earned the loyalty of many Indica lovers around the world. Unlike other varieties in its class, this weed plant grows a bit tall and can adapt to both indoor and outdoor climate. It can [Read more..]


Tropimango Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Philosopher Seeds

Tropimango Tropimango marijuana strain is an ideal plant to grow in both indoor or outdoor environments. With 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genes, it combines the robustness of Sativa and the strength as well as the vigor of indica. It is easy to grow and can also thrive if introduced to different super cropping methods like a sea of green, greenhouse, and even SCROG. As for growing mediums, the use of traditional soil is very good but it can also [Read more..]


K-13 Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Philosopher Seeds

K-13 Strain Philosopher Seeds did an excellent job when they crossed Yumbolt with Kali Mist. The result is a weed plant we now know as K-13 Strain and it is a strong hybrid that displays both major characteristics of its parents. It is easy to grow and produces thin leaves with incense aroma and very good Sativa high that it inherited from its Kali Mist parent. As for the vigor and compact built of this weed plant, it is a [Read more..]


Early Maroc Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Philosopher Seeds

Early Maroc This weed plant is 100% Sativa and a variety of landrace Maroco strain. It is a highly sturdy weed plant that can grow even in adverse climate conditions and arid soil. Indoor growing is also possible but it gives better results when allowed to flourish in an outdoor environment. Early Maroc is very easy to grow and can thrive even with not much attention. With its medium-height of fewer than 2 meters, it is ideally grown in 25-liter [Read more..]