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Firestarter Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Sure Fire Seeds

Firestarter The overwhelming trichome production of carefully selected White Fire as the mother plant is one of the major qualities of this F1 cannabis hybrid. It was crossed with Casey Jones clone that made this Indica dominant marijuana plant the frostiest, stronger, and more potent. It has a penetrating and soothing effect that relieves stress and pressure. It is also a good muscle relaxant because of its high THC level content. The flowering time of Firestarter is done in 9 [Read more..]


Cheesey Jones Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Sure Fire Seeds

Cheesey Jones Cheesy Jones is Sativa dominant f1marijuana hybrid from the genes of UK Exodus Cheese reversely pollinated with the frosty Casey Jones. The immense Skunk odor of Exodus Cheese is retained and the coverage of trichome is wider and more extensive. This weed strain produces a long-lasting lucid cerebral high. The effect is ideal for daytime social gatherings because it stimulates creativity, cleverness, and imagination. It lets finished the tasks needed to done and still very clear till the [Read more..]


Blazing Blues Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Sure Fire Seeds

Blazing Blues Blues (Livers) and Casey Jones genetics contributed to this F1 feminized marijuana hybrid. The unique taste is a serious chemical blueberry punch which is much stronger than DJ Short Blueberry. Casey Jones threw in heavy trichome coverage to the heavy buds without any interference with the flavor. It is also responsible for putting on more couchlock effect to its already sedating and narcotic upshot. This cannabis strain is a 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. The flowering time of [Read more..]


Sure Fire Seeds

SureFire Seeds True to its name, the marijuana strains created by this breeder are surefire blockbusters. SureFire Seeds diligently tested the strains before releasing them to the market. This commendable effort is completed by the breeder to give its customers tested and authentic cannabis strains. Being in the middle of very stiff competition, each strain is carefully created so despite being a minority member, SureFire Seeds makes some noise. There are several SureFire Seeds strains available in the market and [Read more..]


Grand Daddy Purp

Grand Daddy Purp Officially registered in 2003, Grand Daddy Purple Seeds is a breeder of marijuana seeds headed by Ken Estes who tucks more than 20 years of expertise in breeding and growing quality cannabis plants. The company is located and maintains a business office in Richmond California. This office address was just re-opened in August 2012. They also have an official website where their marijuana strains can be found. They have a few strains available as of this writing [Read more..]