Monthly Archives: June 2013

Makka Seeds

Makka Marijuana Seeds Makka Seeds is an online marijuana seed bank which was created by a team of people of different nationalities who has the same aim which is to bring the world high quality and stable marijuana seed strains. They are composed of breeders, web developers, and growers who aim to put up a website to bring the world their finest marijuana genetics. Their mission is to provide the best and most stable marijuana strains in the market. They [Read more..]


Loud Seeds

Loud Marijuana Seeds Loud Seeds which was founded by a close-knit group of Northern California marijuana growers and breeders who have more than 20 years of growing and breeding only the finest marijuana strains available is a company of breeders. James Loud, a Northern California native, has been breeding and growing marijuana for over 20 years using organic growing method. With those years of experience, he has acquired an ample array of rare weed strains which he wants to share [Read more..]


Expert Seeds

Expert Marijuana Seeds Expert Seed Bank is an online marijuana seedbank which is based in Europe. It bridges the gap between the customers and the best marijuana strains from around the world. They source their seeds from high-quality breeders and they offer it for affordable prices in their website. They offer worldwide shipping but they also advise their customers to check local laws before ordering from them. Aside from that, the company offers a secure shopping experience to their customers. [Read more..]