High Grade Marijuana Seeds

High Grade

Type: Feminized
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor, Greenhous
Flowering: 11 weeks
Yield: Moderate to High
Height: Medium
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: ???
Flavour: ???
THC Level: ???
Growing: Easy

High-Grade is a feminized cannabis strain which is a crossbreed of indica and sativa strains. Very ideal for beginning weed planters, High-Grade strain is one of the efficient cannabis varieties characterized by a fast germination period. Basically, this type of strain is very easy to start. Within the duration of 11 weeks, flowers can already be visible on the plants which signal that harvest is fast approaching. Among the best things about High-Grade strain is its versatility. Weed growers can simply choose the type of location and environment where they will grow this strain because High-Grade cannabis can optimally grow both in an indoor weed garden and in the typical outdoor setting.
This type of strain is feminized, that is why it is perfect for producing female seeds. With this, in the second round of growing High-Grade, greater yield is already assured because the seeds that are grown in the garden are all female.

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