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Seed Bank Industry, reviews, and updates

Many people need information about buying marijuana seeds to start with their growing the cannabis plant. The fact is with so many seed banks online and retail locations in various countries around the world, seed banks have become a viable business and are continuing to grow in strains and breeders.

Seed Banks started back in the early 80s and have grown to over 200 companies in 2012. There have always been seed banks that were underground but recent changes in laws as well as the internet has allowed seed banks to become a growing industry. Some seed banks have retail stores, offer online credit card payments, have phone numbers and a full time staff of diligent seed bank workers making sure orders and inventory are correct.

Many people with conservative attitudes ask “how is this possible” and “why are these seed banks allowed to exist?” Keep in mind that no country owns the internet and many countries are allowed to sell seeds, by purchasing business licenses, hiring employees and paying tax on their income.

When will your order arrive?

Typically your order will ship with stealth delivery the next business day. Depending on your country and the distance away from the sending pot seed company it will take anywhere between 5 days and 30 days. For example: an order placed from England shipping to Ireland will take about 5 days. An order placed from Amsterdam traveling to the USA will take about 2 weeks but can take longer depending on customs and if you live in a small town. Each company will vary their shipping methods from a simple envelope to more private discreet methods such as t-shirts.

Some companies will not send to certain countries due to their own personal reasons. The most common methods of payment are credit cards, cash and bank wire. Paypal is not generally accepted. You can also find coupons for free seeds and other discount code offers such as free shipping by looking through our reviews and ratings before you buy your marijuana seeds.

Your Order Never Arrived?

So you never got your order after waiting 4 weeks and you want to blame the company that you ordered from? Wrong, it was not their fault. 99% of all seed banks are real and legitimate. They are not in the business of stealing your money and not sending your order. The seed business grows by word of mouth and positive reviews of happy customers.

The likely reason you haven’t got your order is because it was seized by the country you were ordering it to. Each country is different in their laws and most of the time they arrive in your mail but there is always a chance that it gets seized and destroyed. The company will usually have a disclaimer before you buy telling you to “Check the laws in your country before ordering.”

Some seed companies offer to resend your order for free or a small fee and others will not because they do not want to lose money by reshipping. There is many people that also lie and try to get free marijuana seeds from a company but they often find out the person is not telling the truth.

Four (4) Types of Marijuana Seed Banks

There are four (4) main types of pot seed banks that you will find all around the world.

Online Seed Bank

This type of seedbank represents many breeders and is only based online. They usually have more than 500 strains from a wide variety of breeders.
An example of this seed bank is:

“MJ Seeds Canada”

Retail Seed Bank

You can travel to many countries within Europe, the UK, Canada and sometimes if you ask someone the USA and you will see breeder packs sitting in the store often advertised on a street or building sign.

Sunwest Genetics

Breeder /Retailer

This is a company that has their own strains of marijuana seeds that sells directly to the public as well as to various seed banks that retail their seeds for them.
An example of this seed bank is:

Crop King Seeds

Breeder Only

This type who has a website but mainly for advertising purposes only. They will wholesale their line of strains to an Online or Retail seed bank but you generally can’t order from them as they focus on growing the perfect strains.

Rocket Seeds

Benefits of Buying your Own Weed Seeds

The great news about seed banks is that it is putting the commercial grower out of business and giving people their own quality control. When buying off the street you never know what your going to get and it can be expensive. The majority of people that buy seeds from seed banks are not commercial growers but instead are the small hobbiest that just wants to stop the underground trade and have their own cannabis for personal use. Cannabis growing is similar to home brewing and wine making except that marijuana has never been known to kill anyone and is a naturally occurring plant.

Yes, the seed bank industry has come a long way and has a long way to go, but it is here to stay. There are some shady seed banks that do exist so please be careful when choosing a reliable seed bank.

Seed Germination

The germination of seeds are not allowed in many countries including England, but you are allowed to possess, buy, sell and trade seeds in many countries. Because of this, you will often find companies that wont offer germination techniques so we will cover this for you here in our germination guide.

How To Germinate Your Marijuana Seeds

Making New Plants

When we think about how to grow new plants, most of us think of planting seeds. Each seed is really a tiny plant in a package. Seeds are protected by a seed coat that can be thick or thin. Seeds have all of the materials inside of them that they need to form leaves, stems, and roots. But, seeds stay dormant until the conditions are right for them to begin to grow, usually warm and wet. Germination is when a root and a shoot begin to grow out from the seed. This is the beginning of a new plant!

There are many ways to Germinate seeds, this is my favorite way and seems to be the most reliable.

• 85 – 90 degrees F is best and required to make the seed germinate. For good germination, lay a few layers of paper towels in a dish.
• Place seeds in center of dish. Lay 2 or 3 layers of paper towels on top of the seeds. Moisten with sterilized water (boil it).
• Place dish/bowl in warm area or by heat or atop a heating pad. This is true also if you germinate seeds in rockwool, Oasis cubes, or other medium, keep it moist and warm.

• When the seeds sprout, and the white shoot emerges, transplant (root down) into your soil or rockwool or whatever medium you are working with. Treat very gently, don’t break the root tip.
• Some seeds take up to 12 days to start germination, but most will germinate within 24 to 72 hours. Be patient, give your valuable seeds a chance to sprout before tossing them out.
• Do not let seeds dry out – place Saran Wrap over the dish and store in a dark place. Add small quantities of water when needed to keep moist.

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