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AC Genetics or “Autoflowering Cannabis Genetics” is a Netherland-based seed bank that entirely focuses on producing autoflowering cannabis seeds. Autoflowering Marijuana seeds were introduced to pot growers some time ago. This cannabis variety will automatically start to flower regardless of the amount of light they receive each day. Due to its limitations when first introduced, only a few took interest and luckily AC Genetics were one of those handful. They saw hope in this new variety of weed and instantly fell in love with it. They experimented with the autoflowering varieties and, after lots of  experimentation’s  and hybrid creation, they came up with an extensive and interesting collection of autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Their website neatly presents their unique selection of autoflowering marijuana seeds. These seeds are carefully handpicked and feminized to ensure they all grow to become a female plant. Their website is so well-organized that finding the perfect skunk and buying marijuana seeds from their online store is as easy as it can get. Delivery to the Netherlands takes only 1 day and 3-7 days to the European Union. Shipping cost is free for all orders and you will be notified via email once your order is sent. They accept cash and international bank transfer. They deliver orders in plain and discreet  envelope  without any stickers or logos outside that would hint the content of your order. All the information is processed in their secure servers.

AC Genetics

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