Nepalese Jam Marijuana Seeds

Nepalese Jam

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: End September
Yield: High
Height: Small-Medium
Indica/Sativa: Sativa
Effect: Middle High
Flavour: Old School Sativa
THC Level: 15%+
Growing: Easy

Nepalese jam is a compact and strong highland Sativa marijuana plant that is fast flowering and with a strong resistance to climates that are relatively cold. It has flowers that are resinous and dense in characteristics that produce a first class hash. This marijuana plant is actually pollinated with a marijuana male plant from Jamaica that particularly increased the yield and vigor of Nepalese Jam.
This plant has a structure that is small-medium in size. It is ideal for small grows. On the other hand, it has a bouquet of flowers that is seductive and woody fruit in aroma and intense in structure. It has good potency that is intense and clean, which could last up to hours.
It is cultivated either outdoors or indoors and it is preferable to cold and warm climates. Nepalese jam could be harvested and be prepared in the end of September if you would harvest or cultivate it outdoors.