Low Girl Marijuana Seeds

Low Girl

Type: Feminized
Climate: indoor/outdoor
Flowering: 60 – 70 days from seed
Yield: 300 – 400 gr./m2
Height: Low
Indica/Sativa: Ruderalis/Indica
Effect: Strong
THC Level: 12%
Growing: Easy

This marijuana strain that is mainly indica and is considered to be auto flowering. Low girl is harvested within 60 days after the seed has been germinated successfully and is planted. Growing Low Girl is recommended when you plan to grow it indoors on balconies or on other limited growing spaces.
Low Girl allows the growers to harvest it during spring and the entire summer because it is auto flowering. To make sure that you will be getting an abundant of harvest, make sure that you will provide desirable growing conditions for Low Girl. This strain is achieved by Advanced Seed by selecting the right kind of Low Ryder and an Indica Strain.
Know that Low Girl can grow on winter and fall seasons however, the plant will have a hard time which will result to a decrease in the amount of yields. Low Girl is easy to conceal because of its small plant structure.