Top 69 Marijuana Seeds

Top 69

Type: Feminized/Autoflowering
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 60 – 70 days
Yield: 350 – 450 gr./m2
Height: Medium
Indica/Sativa: Ruderalis/Indica
THC Level: 14%
Growing: Easy

Top 69 is one of the many different auto flowering seeds that belong to the new generation of auto flowering cannabis strains. This strain is created by Advanced Seeds in order to answer the needs of their many customers. The customers of Advanced Seeds requests for an auto flowering plant that is larger than what the breeder already offers. Now they have it!
Top 69 is an auto flowering marijuana strain that can be ready within 60 — 70 days starting from a seed up to the harvest period. Know that Top 69 can be grown either indoors or outdoors. The difference between the height of Top 69 grown indoors and the one outdoors is just small.
When grown outdoors, the growth period will be from April till the month of November. Keep in mind that Top 69 does not do well with cold climates so it need to be grown during summer seasons.