Amaranta Seeds-Amarant Moby

Amarant Moby

Type: Regular
Climate: Outdoor
Flowering: 65-75 days
Yield: up to 1500 grams
Height: up to 3 m
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: Body sprint
THC Level:
Growing: Easy

Amarant Moby is a marijuana plant that is similar to Moby Dick. This marijuana plant is among the best collection of Amarant Seeds bank together with Amarant Dwarf and Amarant Autoflowering.
It is particularly a powerful marijuana plant with a strong Sativa background. This plant produces a sprint that particularly affects both your physical body and mind. This marijuana plant has a descent trace that is special, long, and slightly physical. This marijuana plant is actually applicable for medical purpose. Amarant Moby could be used to treat side effects of anorexia and chemotherapy.
This plant could be cultivated outdoors and would grow tall. For the effect provided by this plant, expect a stoned sensation that is intensely high. This plant could provide a mass yield of 1500 grams in optimal conditions, especially if you would provide the space it requires. This plant is recommended to be smoked after you eat and drink.