Ak48 Marijuana Seeds


Type:  Hybrid
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 7-8 Weeks
Yield:  700-800g/m2
Indica/Sativa:  Indica
Flavour:  Candy Like
THC Level:  

Every aspect of this marijuana strain can be distinguished as sativa. This includes the sweet flavour that can be compared to a candy and the buds that are covered with hairs that have a dark orange color.  Pezz has this effect that can be ideal when dealing with pain. It offers pain relief that is accompanied by having a very peaceful and uplifting buzz. Even using Pezz in small amount can cause you the sugar-high that you are waiting for. Pezz is pretty much like a candy, moderation is certainly a good practice for this excellent potent strain.People at New Horizons in Colorado Springs are the one responsible for this great strain. The current appearance of Pezz tends to remind most veteran growers how the Afghan Purple looks in its earlier years.