Druid Marijuana Seeds


Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 55-60 days indoor
Yield: 400 to 700 grams per m2
Height: Large
Indica/Sativa: indica/sativa
Effect: spiritual journey
THC Level: 21.5%
Growing: Very Easy

Astur Jaya is known for producing many different kind of strain that looks very good. One of those strains is Druid. It is known for having an elegant flower formation that includes the colour red, pink and purple. Pin pointing what is the dominant colour is simply impossible.
To emphasize the looks of Druid, the plant happens to be covered with some shiny juice that is able to reflect lights and be able to give the lovely flowers a shade of a rainbow spectrum. Know that Druid is equally divided into Indica and Sativa.
Growing Druid is said to be the easiest task. You cannot find any other marijuana strain that is much easier to grow than Druid. The flowering for Druid lasts about 6 — 8 weeks. This strain is able to have the best of both worlds because it has the perfect sativa appearance and is able to produce large and compact buds which are a trait of an Indica strain.
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