Red Cloud Marijuana Seeds

Red Cloud

Type: Regular
Climate: indoor/outdoor
Flowering: 45-50 days
Yield: 400-600 gr
Height: Medium
Indica/Sativa: Indica
Effect: Medicinal, smell of ripe fruit
THC Level: 20%
Growing: Easy

This strain is yet another one of the pure Indica plants that Astur Jaya has in store. Before the successful creation of this strain, know that there are many breeding projects that involve the famous Red Lebanon Hush and Pakistani strains. The term “red cloud” was the English meaning of “NubeRoja”, the real name of this marijuana strain.
The name was derived from the outer appearance of the plant. It looks as if the plant is warped within a red cloud while it is on her flowering period. Red cloud is an early plant for you can start harvesting it between the middle of August till the first weeks of September.
Red cloud is easy to grow indoors and outdoors. When it is grown outdoors, it will take about 9 maturing weeks. The light cycle for Red cloud is said to be 12/12. Another good thing about this marijuana strain is that the THC level is high enough to be considered as one of the strains that has great medical value.
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