Asturjaya Marijuana Seeds

Asturjaya Marijuana Seeds have been catering weed lovers for a very long time now. This veteran seed bank was founded in 1987 and is based in Spain. Their modest collection of Marijuana seeds are grown organically and are carefully prepared to ensure that the strains are in its highest quality.

Characteristics of Asturjaya’s Marijuana seeds is the speed of their growth and their relatively short flowering period compared to other commercial variety. Their marijuana strains have been cultured for over 22 years, undergoing natural genetic selection and arriving to the state they are in today — highly resistant to pests and diseases.  They sell unique marijuana seeds such as the Celtic Stone, Red Cloud, Star Malva, Druid, Gord Cornfield, North Tempo and Astur Mexica.

Their website is entirely in Spanish, there is no option to translate it to English. One could use the google translate tool to be able to read and buy Marijuana from the site. They do not have an online billing system for pot users to buy conviniently online. But there is a contact form and a phone number provided for customers to place their order. They have a downloadble online catalogue with detailed information about the few marijuana seeds they are selling.

Overall the site simply lacks the tools that would enable skunk lovers to purchase from their store.


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