Auto Lowryder seeds is an autoflowering crossbreed cannabis strain that was planned particularly for its little measure. In truth, it is accepted to be one of the primary autoflowering strains of cannabis. This type of cannabis plant could be a three-way crossing about thirty years within the making beginning with the amazing Northern Lights and a puzzling Mexican Ruderalis. The ultimate piece of the puzzle came within the frame of William’s Wonder genetics. Lowryder is an Indica dominant plant that’s planned to be simple to develop. It has 80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa levels. Moreover, it also has a THC level of up to 14 percent and a CBD level of less than 1 percent. 

The  Auto Lowryder strain could be a prevalent choice for numerous reasons, counting the special and appealing pine resemblance taste, which is complemented with a smooth and delightful smell. These small diamonds indeed take after small bonsai pine trees that are incredible for the ocean of green or SCROG strategies of developing. 

Effects of the Auto Lowryder Seeds

Auto Lowryder pot seeds are exceptionally powerful, but they can be moderate to act, so it’s critical to be understanding. The sensation is said to be more unwinding or relaxing and cheerful, with a more elevated feeling than an enthusiastic one. A few too report feeling stimulated when utilizing Auto Lowryder weed, so be cautioned. Happiness may be low key, but it is exceptionally capable and is perfect for those who are enduring from chronic or intense pain conditions. Stress and sleeping disorder moreover react well to the Auto Lowryder seeds, as well as mild sadness symptoms. Auto Lowryder can cause dry eyes and dry mouth. A few individuals encounter a mild case of dizziness or paranoia. These encounters are uncommon but are more likely in case it is over consumed. That’s one reason why it’s a great thought to require it to be moderate with this strain.

The effect of this innovative and unique specifically its instant high effects is just no matched with the other strains. the body stoned that the consumers feel soon after made him a very loyal fan of the auto Lowryder strain

Auto Lowryder Seeds s the perfect example of how the autoflowering seeds are invariably growing in popularity and quality. 

Growing  Auto Lowryder Seeds

Auto Lowryder seeds are simple to develop due to their Ruderalis hereditary qualities. This strain can withstand serious situations and blooms quickly. The buds are small and provide off a charming earthy smell, whereas the plant remains moderately little, regularly coming to statures between 10 to 18 inches, making it an idealized balcony plant. This strain blossoms in between 40 and 45 days. Meaning Lowryder autoflowering seeds can go from seed to collect in as small as nine (9) weeks. The yield isn’t that high and regularly ranges from four to six oz per square meter. Outdoors, a single plant may abdicate 100 grams beneath great conditions. 

For the new cannabis growers but need a plant that’s extremely hardy, Auto Loweryder may be an extraordinary choice and indeed works well in colder weather climates and those with shorter summers. Because of its positive effects, Auto Lowryder could be an awesome choice for anybody who endures from pain conditions, as the unwinding sensation will be felt all through the body and intellect as an entirety, and acts as an incredible sleep help as well, for anybody who may be enduring from an insomnia-related condition. It may be a dependable and steady plant that does what you expect from it. 

The Aroma of Auto Lowryder Seeds

The Lowryder strain’s smell is described as a pungent and earthy, and also with a blend of a citrusy and sweet aroma combination.

The Taste of Auto Lowryder Seeds

Auto Lowryder Seeds taste is also citrusy and sweet flavor. These sweet flavor conflicting sharply with its more strong and piney flavors, that stays long on the user’s tongue after inhaling it. The Lowryder strain’s consumers have described its flavor as release a buttery flavor, which makes this strain’s unique in flavor.

The Appearance of Auto Lowryder Seeds

The most amazing thing about the Lowryder marijuana plant is its tiny size. The Lowryder strain’s tiny height (not more than 16 inches when fully grown) because of its ruderalis genetics. The Auto Lowryder Seeds is the product of crossbreeding a ruderalis strain with the Lowryder’s parent strains in its previous generations.

Medical Benefits of the Auto Lowryder Strain

The Auto Lowryder seeds are considered to be one of the top marijuana strains for treating pain. A painful condition from persistent arthritis to muscular and lower back pain is said to be significantly comforted by smokers of this strain. Because of its deep body-melt feeling brought about by using this marijuana strain, the pain just melts away into the background, producing patients of these conditions much-needed rest from their weakening effects.

The Lowryder strain is known to be an effective antiemetic strain for relieving nausea and preventing. This strain also has other medical benefits, from helping to reducing stress, boosting mood, and relieve cramps.

The Possible Side Effects of the Auto Lowryder Strain

The most common side effect of using the Lowryder strain is cottonmouth. However, this marijuana strain is known for producing deep relaxation, it’s not considered to be a couch-locking caused strain.


The Lowryder strain is quickly recognizable by its very tiny height. It is considered to be a very easy plant to grow, and one which a new marijuana grower could potentially try their hand at. This strain also gives a lot of therapeutic benefits to the medicinal marijuana smoker, as it provides comfort from both nausea and pain.