Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Auto Pounder

Type:  Autoflower
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 6-7 Weeks
Yield:  450g/m2
Height:  60-100m2
Indica/Sativa:  Sweet and Fruity
Effect: Medium  High
THC Level:  Medium/High
Growing:  Easy

Among the different strains of auto-flowering seeds, Auto Pounder is considered to be the king of these types of seeds. The amount of harvest Auto Pounder produces is massive that it is compared to standard non-auto flowering seeds. With this kind of harvest, this ganja strain is suitable for commercial growers.
Auto Pounder is a mix of Auto #1 strain with two of the most productive strains today: Power Plant and Sensi’s original Big Bud. With the best environment and optimal conditions, Auto Pounder is able to produce about 450gram per square meter. It has larger stature when compared to standard auto-flowering seeds. This type of hash has a high leaf to flower ratio and measures around 60-100 cm, allowing it to deliver huge yields. You can harvest Auto Pounder in an average of 70-80 days from being a seed. It also maintains its flavor which is sweet and fruity. It has also an excellent pest and disease resistance.