Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Berry Ryder

Type:  Autoflowering
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 60-65  Days
Yield:  30-70 cm.
Height:  10-15g/m2
Indica/Sativa:  Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis
Flavour:  Berry Flavor
THC Level:  Medium/High
Growing:  Easy

The Berry Ryder strain originated from combining Auto #1 strain with the Blueberry hash strain. In fact, Berry Ryder is the result of trying 25 different original cups and the Blueberry strain won the competition.  Berry Ryder has an exuding sweet and rich berry fragrance. It produces dense buds and fat leaves. Being the latest super auto flowering strain, Berry Ryder can then easily compete with other non-auto strains when talking about resin production, THC level and flavor.Berry Ryder measures at about 30-60 cm and stays short but can get larger in hydroponic setups. By combining the Blueberry gene, it adds up an increased yield while keeping the strong medical effect and its berry taste. One feature of Blueberry Ryder is that it turns blue during cold nights or low temperature which can then cope up easily. Blueberry Ryder can be harvested after 60 days after germination from the seeds.