AutoFem Marijuana Seeds

Just as the name implies, AutoFem Marijuana Seeds sells seeds that do not need light changes to bloom. AutoFem (Automatic Female) Seeds works just like AutoStrains, excellent for those who do not have the patience or the equipment to simulate day-light cycles in their growroom.

The site is presented in 2 languages – French and English. The sentence or phrase is first written in French and an English translation is placed beneath it. Autofem Marijuana Seeds if a fairly small site with only 4 pages. One page is dedicated to explaining about the AutoStrains seeds and how the AutoFem came about to the rescue of AutoStrains poor yields and low cannabinoids levels.

There is a poor handling of orders in the site. To order your AutoFem Seeds, you have to fill out a form. Everything has to be typed manually. There is no automatic method of charging your order with your credit card. I would say it would be very hard to place your order to their using their store.

My overall review of the site is poor. It tells you how great AutoFem seeds are yet it lacks the functionality to place your order conveniently online. It must be that this site is only popular locally and that as of this moment, they only cater to orders near the vicinity.

AutoFem Seeds

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