Blue Mammoth Marijuana Seeds

Blue Mammoth

Type: Auto-flowering, Feminized
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 70 days from seed
Yield: 60-80 grams per plant
Height: Short (80-100cm)
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: Stoned body buzz, relaxing
THC Level: 15%
Growing: Easy

This hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing ruderalis with an excellent AK47 Blueberry indica strain. The result is an auto-flowering indica dominated cannabis strain that has very strong and stable genetics with the desired qualities of ruderalis like auto-flowering and pest-resistance. Blue Mammoth auto-flowering strain is the weed seeds for beginners and those who have no patience to wait for a full-season flowering cycle. It enters into flowering stage at an early 70 days time on the average and can be grown all-year round. Yield is decent at 70grams per plant on the average. It grows short and can be grown either indoor or outdoor. The high it gives is basically indicative of its indica leanings and thus will shell out a stoned body buzz with a relaxing effect. Its THC content of 15% is just about right to enjoy the warm embrace of this strain’s effects.