Critical Rapido Marijuana Seeds

Critical Rapido

Type: Auto-flowering, feminized
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 65 days
Yield: 600gr/m2
Height: Short
Indica/Sativa: mostly indica (Critical Mass x Ruderalis)
Effect: Stoned body buzz
THC Level: 15%
Growing: Easy

An auto-flowering hybrid, the Critical Rapido auto-flowering strain is a predominantly indica strain that came from crossing Critical Mass and Ruderalkis. This strain can flower in just 65 days from the time it enters the vegetative stage. Though it is short in height because of its indica and ruderalis lineage, it is nevertheless capable of producing many buds and the grower can expect a very generous 600gr/m2 of yield in an ideal growing condition. THC level is also at a decent 15% and the high can be expected to have a strong stoned body buzz that will cascade into a relaxing effect in most instances. Growing requirement for this small wonder is easy and can be taken on especially by beginners who want a marijuana strain that does not require much expertise or growing attention.