Little Cheese Marijuana Seeds

Little Cheese

Type: Auto-flowering, Feminized
Climate: indoor/outdoor
Flowering: 60-75 days
Yield: 15-20g/plant
Height: short
Indica/Sativa: hybrid
Effect: cerebral high and stoned body buzz
Flavour: Fruity sweet/butterscotch
THC Level: 12-15%
Growing: Easy

This auito-flowering marijuana hybrid strain is the result of crossing ruderalis, Skunk #1 nd Blueberry strains. Little Cheese auto-flowering strain is a sturdy cannabis plant that flowers in just 70 days tops. It is one of those varieties that not only auto-flower but gives big dense buds as well. It has a floral scent that is masked by pungent and musky odor during flowering stage. This hybrid is gives out a high that is more cerebral at first and then will slowly translate into a strong body buzz which makes this weed strain a very good all-around head and body hitter that finishes in a relaxing mood and will put you at ease while high. With its strong ruderalis characteristics, it can be grown easily especially in an indoor or outdoor growing set-up.