Tangerine Dream Marijuana Seeds

Tangerine Dream

Type: Regular, Feminized
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 70 days
Yield: 500gr/m2
Height: Medium
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
Effect: Stoned body buzz, relaxing
Flavour: Tangy sweet fruit flavour
THC Level: 25%
Growing: Moderate

Another champion in Barney’s Farm stable, Tangerine Dream is a hybrid that resulted from crossing different weed plants to eventually produce a stable and excellent marijuana strain. The process started with G13 being crossed with Neville’s Haze, and the product being back-crossed to its parent G13 and the result is Tangerine Dream.
This marijuana strain captured the coveted 2010 Cannabis Cup award besting all other equally wonderful cannabis strains in the market. This sativa inclined hybrid weed strain grows to a medium height and can give a very generous yield of 500 grams/m2 and can be expected to flower in just about 70 days. The buds are wonderful-looking with red and orange hairs accentuating the thick THC crystals covering its tight and big colas. It emits a deep pungent aroma while flowers are blossoming and the high it gives is a happy cerebral high.