Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Critical Mass Automatic

Type:  Auto-flowering
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering:  65 days
Yield:  High
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Hybrid
Effect:  Super stoned
Flavour:  Spicy hash
THC Level:  
Growing:  Easy

Big Buddha Automatic is crossed with Critical Mass and the offspring of this two is again mated with Big Buddha Automatic (reversed). T his last cross is what brought about a 60% indica and 40% auto-flowering strain now known as Critical Mass Automatic.   It is a very strong marijuana strain that can be grown indoor and outdoor and can also be handled by beginners because of its auto-flowering properties that require little demand for attention.  Flowering time starts 65 days from seed.   Yield is expected to be high with this auto-flowering strain and the buds will be filled resin and pollen indicating its high THC content.   Once buds start to develop, expect sharp and sweet aroma to fill the grow room. This strain can grow to a medium height with lots of buds.   The effect is definitely indica with super strong stoned and long lasting body buzz.