Ak48 Marijuana Seeds


Type:  Regular, Feminized
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering:  60 days indoor
Yield:  Moderate
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Indica
Effect: Body Buzz
Flavour:  Sweet incensed
THC Level:  15-18%/cbd .02%
Growing:  Easy

This hybrid marijuana strain is the result of a 3-way cross between Jack Herer, Warlock and Northern Lights cannabis strains.   Jawar marijuana strain inherited the flavour of Warlock, the prolific yield characteristics of Northern Lights and the compadt and sturdiness of Jack Herer.   It is a very easy to grow weed plant that can adapt to most type of growing systems like indoor, outdoor and SOG type of growing.   It does not require much food and nutrients and the grower just have to regularly check the ph level of water used in this pot plant.  Flowering time for this mostly indica hybrid marijuana strain is 60 days for an indoor set-up and early October (Europe) for an outdoor growing system.   It will develop beautiful looking buds that are mold resistant and will emit a strong unique sweet fruit odor.   The high is characteristically indica with strong body buzz and the taste is sweet incensed.
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