Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Jack Herer

Type:  Regular, Medical
Climate: Outdoor
Flowering: 50-70 days
Yield:  Heavy
Height:  High
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Sativa
Effect:  Cerebral
Flavour:  Unique, Skunky
THC Level:  15-20%
Growing:  Easy

Jack Herer is a marijuana plant that is actually considered and recorded to be the most awarded plant available in the seed banks. It could also be considered as one of the Sativa strains. It is mostly Sativa in background and it is actually a hybrid of Indica and Sativa strains. This plant actually won 11 prizes from the High Times Cannabis Cup for seven years. This plant is mostly known for its high that is cerebral. In addition to this, it is actually affecting the body strongly. This plant is a three-way hybrid of Northern Lights, which is known to be the best marijuana strain ever made, Skunk # 1, a parent of most hybrids, as well as Haze, which has several Haze subsets. These strains just provided Jack Herer the best characteristics it could have.
Jack Herer has also been tested to provide medical support for stress, nervousness, as well as depression.