What is a Cannabis Landrace Strain?

Cannabis users are now faced with a variety of marijuana strains. Most of the strains can be linked to a landrace strain. Landrace strain by definition is a cannabis strain that has never been cross-bred with other strains and has been evolving in its own native environment. Cannabis has been with us for centuries and has been in its native environment. The earliest strain grew in the Hindu Kush area of Afghan and later spread to places like South America, Africa, Jamaica, Asia. Cannabis strain is a resilient plant and can reproduce in other places. As mankind spread, so does ...Read more...

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Facts About Grape Ape Marijuana Strain

A delightful offspring of Mendocino Purps, Original Afghani, and Skunk, this full-body Indica makes it a quite exciting bud to engage in. Grape Ape marijuana strain packs about 18 to 21% THC, however, given its fruity appearance. You can, therefore, expect a high as yummy as they flavor, featuring impacts on both the body and the mind. The strain was originally cultivated by Barney's Farm and Apothecary Genetics  It's a heavy bud that provides a dense, heavy high, ideally lending itself to a range of medical issues. If you love to settle down with a film and a blanket and ...Read more...

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Facts About Jager Marijuana Strain

Does jager ring the bell to you? Are you familiar with the famous German alcohol brand? Well, this marijuana strain is after that famous brand name jager for a reason that it actually tastes like that beverage with goldenseal elderberry scent and with super great taste.  Through vaping and sipping it inside a flower  vaporizer, the flavor tastes so overwhelming licorice.  With the irresistibly strong indica effect, but as well have a touch of sativa that could make you carry on your daily routine without tuning out. Just like your fantasies, Jager stays as mysteriously strange  as the famous Jagermeister. ...Read more...

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Get to Know Black Widow Marijuana Strain

In this article, we will get to tackle more about the Black Widow Marijuana Strain, and we are going to see what are the effects and benefits of this strain, also how to grow this strain. So keep with us until the end of this article. Black Widow is a dominant Sativa hybrid that received multiple prizes at the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup, including Number One. The pressure is known to deliver the highest highs, offering consumers euphoric happiness with trippy sensations. The strain maintains its heritage of Indica, offering a slightly high body that can leave one rooted ...Read more...

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Know More About Candyland Marijuana Strain

Candyland is a Sativa-dominant strain that is an offspring of the notorious Grand Daddy Purple and the Bay Area Platinum Cookies strain, a descendant of the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  The THC content of Candyland marijuana strain tends to differ greatly based on the strength of the exact strain that gets your hands with. Its THC levels could be very moderate, on average about 14%, however, its THC levels were registered at 19% and a whopping 24%, allowing Candyland marijuana strain perhaps more appropriate than a beginner for a more seasoned marijuana consumer. With a slightly darker color ...Read more...

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Facts About Romulan Marijuana Strain

The Romulan strain is indeed a mythical Indica-dominant strain which originally comes when people have started to joke that "dent your head" might be this strain and build ridges like the Star Trek warrior race that shares the name of the strain. The Romulan marijuana strain is recognized for its strong stone-like narcotics. Consumers are often glued to one place and can be resolved by drowsy-laziness. This pressure often covers the patient in a delightful euphoric embrace thus increasing the appetite as well. Snacks must be stored close as Romulan's 'munchies effect' is very potent even for seasoned consumers. This ...Read more...

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