Facts About Berry White Marijuana Strain

Berry White Marijuana Strain is the offspring of the White Widow hybrid strain and a Blueberry strain, which results in an Indica-leaning hybrid strain and the name is the combination of its both parents. Because of its high THC content level that is ranging from around 19% to 25% and has an average of 22% and paired with CBD content of 0.1%, this strain is perfect for seasoned weed consumers instead of new users.  The results of Berry White are something you'd anticipate of an Indica-leaning combination. Berry White strain users buzz about its Indica impacts which relaxes both mind [Read more..]

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Facts About Super Glue Marijuana Strain

Super glue marijuana strain powerful descendant and the favorite Afghani landrace and Northern Lights, the bud offers all the stimulation usually for a good Indica, with a few of the cerebral relaxation shown in Sativa varieties. This provides the perfect balance for those who enjoy an eye-opening bud but wouldn't want to put themselves in the cognitive hyperdrive for hours. Standing in 3rd spot at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2016, Super marijuana strain glue is carrying a pretty decent mix of both THC and CBD, with CBD levels about 1% and THC going up to 28%, and therefore [Read more..]

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Facts About Pineapple Express Marijuana Strain

Pineapple Express marijuana strain is legally classified as an equally balanced Sativa dominant strain, with a growth rate of 40% Indica and 60% Sativa. Although this strain packs in quite a huge chunk of Indica genes, so far from it are its energizing, sharp yet body paralyzing impacts. The family lineage of the Pineapple Express marijuana strain originally comes from a reproduction of the Sativa Hawaiian of landrace and the Trainwreck hybrid strain. To half from its genetics believed to have originated with an enormously pure strain of 100% Sativa roots, it makes absolute sense how Pineapple Express had such [Read more..]

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Facts About Jack the Ripper Marijuana

Among cannabis lovers, Jack the Ripper marijuana is largely viewed as the premier hybrid of iconic marijuana purebreds Subcool's the Dank. Jack the Ripper was reportedly created, frequently appended to JTR, to make Subcool's Jack's cleaning solution in grain-form. The strain of Jack the Ripper takes its name from the strange mass murderer that tormented England in 1888. With several marijuana strains around here, the said strain definitely is among the most noteworthy identities. Instead of a tragic tribute to an infamous serial killer, the name of this strain notes more to the bloodline, and its effects were also quick-acting. [Read more..]

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Facts About Black Jack Marijuana Strain

BlackJack marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant, which produced the strain by combining Jock Terror and Black Domina, which was themselves their response to the popular Jack Herer. This whole cross-breeding and cautious scientific research culminated in a dominant strain with influential leanings of the Indica. This strain has remarkably high average THC levels, resulting in an outstanding strain able to handle all kinds of issues, regardless of how bad they might be. BlackJack is a strain widely recognized for its extremely long-lasting impact, often lasting more than 5 hours daily and maintaining a reliably mellow high over the full duration. [Read more..]

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Facts About Mango Marijuana Strain

A very Indica-dominant hybrid strain is the Mango marijuana strain, and its exact origins are debated. It was apparently developed by a hippy in the 1960s and the strain that we are using today is essentially a blend of the original mango marijuana strain with Afghani and KC33; a combination that was first tried in 1991. The strain took third place in the Best Indica classification at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup and celebrated a revival in 2009 once it was called one of the top seeds of the year for the paper. This is a strain recognized for [Read more..]

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