Facts About Blackberry Kush Marijuana Strain

The widely accepted theory is that the strain is a combination of either Bubba Kush or Afghani with Blackberry. Blackberry Kush marijuana strain is a hybrid that is highly dominant in Indica. The strain's original genetics are the topic of controversy. Although other people, however, think it's a cross between the Afghani DJ Short and Blueberry. As for cultivators’ identity, nobody is certain, and that's hardly shocking considering the various stories concerning his genetics. Possibly Blackberry Kush was developed mostly during the early medicinal cannabis period in California. It looks like the modest blackberry kush marijuana strain is not getting ...Read more...

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Facts About Ice Marijuana Strain

With remarkably popular genetic parents like Skunk # 1, Northern Lights, and Afghani, Ice marijuana strain that is a perfect example of a long-term hard-developing completed, final product. Ice marijuana strain feels like such a strain that has reached the peak of its possible growth, with an exceptionally high THC level and a huge amount of white trichomes to strap. These white trichomes are what brings Ice its title, as the sheer amount of white trichomes makes the bud look like a tiny ball of perfectly chipped ice — just to explain this is not really enough, as it looks ...Read more...

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Know More About Purple Marijuana Strains

The purple marijuana strains are very famous among marijuana lovers, which in fact most of the users prefer marijuana which is a purple color. Although marijuana has a lot of different colors, however, most of them only have shades of green. Seeing how people react to their desired weeds is very pleasing to the eyes. And the purple marijuana strain always stands out in the sea of green buds, which is a head-turner.  What Makes Marijuana Turn Purple? Many years ago only the purple marijuana strains are sought because of conditions of the environment. Corps that are cultivated outdoors will ...Read more...

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Facts About Durban Poison Marijuana

Durban Poison marijuana strain is a legendary, iconic weed. With just a few of several other varieties sustaining their genetic background over time, it can genuinely be called prehistoric marijuana. As described above, Durban Poison is a pure Sativa-dominant strain with roots extending back from the south coast of Africa to a single ancestral ancestor. Full-grown pure Durban Poison does have a 100% Sativa genetic profile. Durban Poison Marijuana Strain    Nobody developed Genuine Durban  Poison in a lab or mistakenly thrown together. Instead, the ancestor of this strain often developed easily in present-day South Africa's windswept plains, making it ...Read more...

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The Best Medical Marijuana Strains

If you become a patient of medical marijuana, you’ll begin to learn that getting a hold of your medication is more difficult than just casually filling up a prescription.  You will not only select the delivery method ( e.g. tincture and edibles vs. dry cannabis flower) when you visit a pharmacy but also determine which of the best medical marijuana strains is better for your condition. There are dozens of cannabis strains, and ever-current concepts are being developed. For you to choose the right strain it will require a few other personal experiments. That strain of medical cannabis will affect ...Read more...

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The Highest Yielding Marijuana Strains

When growing marijuana, the growers desire to yield fragrant, potent buds--very ideally, and a lot of it. Genetically, growing mediums, nutrients, climate, and everything come down to have the highest yielding marijuana strains; and several factors are important for the end product of your growing space. One of the very first considerations, the genetics of the plant, determine which attributes the plant is able to express, whereas environmental factors are what really allow the growing process to pull it out. If you understand more about cultivating, you do understand that yield does have a lot to do with something other ...Read more...

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