Blueberry Marijuana Strain is a very well-known and flavored indica hybrid strain that has very strong genetics from its parents. It was breed three ways with its parents the Sativa Thai, Purple Thai, and the Afghani form parents. It was originally created by DJ Short in the 70s or 80s a very mysterious breeder. Blueberry Marijuana Strain is identified by and distinctive fresh blueberry taste and smell that has made it a long-lasting favorite. The Blueberry Strain is very well-known nationwide. It was a former winner of the Cannabis Cup for the best strain and best Indica strain overall. This strain has a 15% to 24% THC content.

What is Blueberry Marijuana Strain?

Blueberry flowers are very small and heavily-paced, and growers and consumers might expect an indica-dominant variety. The dense forest green-leaves are usually marked with traces of red and purple. These end colors evolve due to the high application of colors that are called anthocyanins on their genetics as these plants are exposed to average and cold temperatures during its growing stage, these colors are turned on, exposing the colorful pigments. The leaves are covered in most see-through trichomes, which are harder to see that the amber-colored and milky glands coating similarly pitchy strains. 

However, the buds of Blueberry marijuana are very tenacious and are not easy to break up by just using hands instead use the grinder. This blueberry strain’s bag appears is not just limited to its aesthetic colors, when its cure correctly, the flowers of this strain immediately shows a scent of fresh blueberries. This slightly tart and sweet aroma bears some similarity to the smell of its Purple Thai parent strain. Breaking its open buds the smell gives off the more complex aroma of musk and spice, remembering of the Afghani variety. 

Some of the Skunkness is pretty obvious when the buds are once combusted. The smoke has a sweet blueberry taste and surprisingly smooth for an indica when breath in and breath out without lingering funk.

This strain is usually defined as “one hit and quit” kind of strain. The Blueberry is an especially potent strain, even for the experienced marijuana enthusiasts. Consumers are rapidly struck with a sense of physical thickness that can be lost in a situation that needs coordination or mobility. 

In an ease setting, this physical stir can define as a therapeutic calmness, making the consumers unwind after a stressful day at work. Its Sativa genetics consults some light mental effects. This comes from the euphoric boost and more than the cerebral thoughtfulness; consumers may feel talkative or even chuckling. With high sufficient doses, the Blueberry strain may affect the consumer couch-locked and heavy body. Although it is not an ideal strain for being productive and is suited to use in a restful night. 

In medical terms, the blueberry has a nearly narcotic effect. It is good for those who have pain conditions, in both mild-pain pains because of the exercise or injury or long-term persistent pain associated with nerve damage or disease. This strain can also help ease some of the symptoms of stress, PTSD, and anxiety, making a physical relaxation powerful enough to decrease a pre-occupied and racing mind. Most especially, the blueberry can make a deep and lost sleep for the users. That is why it is known as the cure for insomnia. The typical side effects of this blueberry strain are usually red eyes and dry mouth. One of the effects of its heaviness can also affect unfocused eyes and droopy. Taking a small amount of this strain can make you high in a long or average time. 

Growing the Blueberry Marijuana Strain

Blueberry marijuana strain can also be cloned if the trimming comes from healthy and mature plants. Although the growers can also purchase seeds. This strain is a reliable, hardy, and dependable strain, the gives an amazing high yield that will give you a lot of buds. 

It is an easy strain to control by yourself. Maybe the awkward issue requires building or looking for a greenhouse to start growing. If you can find such a place, the move is to transfer the plant outside for it to flourish under the natural raise sun.

With its surprisingly particular feeding essential, this strain is perfect for those who want to grow their own marijuana plants. Preferably, you need to have your own land or rent land to grows this marijuana. The great yields are got by growing it in both outdoors, or in the common bush shaped design than just regular tall marijuana plants. You need a maximum space to have the best blueberry marijuana strain.

The Blueberry Marijuana strain produces great high yields, a large temperature range, and the chance to play over with both bat excrement and worm. Once the marijuana strain is harvested, the blueberry plant will make you have a euphoric and relaxing in no time. 

Blueberry Marijuana can be grown both outdoors and indoors environment. But growing outdoors need restrictive conditions like consistent daytime temperature into 72 and 80 degrees  Fahrenheit and average humidity. This plant is right to grow indoors, as they are growing bushy and short –infrequently exceeding the 3.6 ft height. With strong sideways branching. They also require minimal trimming of a large fan leaves. The growers want to see a very lively red and lavender accents in the blueberry leaves by artificially shocking the plant by exposing it to cold temperatures in the late vegetative stage, just before the flowering stage. Blueberry strains flowers just within 8 to 10 weeks when they are grown indoors and can be ready to harvest in mid-October when grown outdoors. The blueberry strain can produce an average high yield with 43 grams of flowers per square foot of the plants. 

It is perfect to use in the nighttime, this is a perfect strain for those who want to have alone time and unwind, or to be with an intimate meeting with a group of fried and families.