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Bodhi Seeds

Bodhi Marijuana Seeds

This company is one of the sought after breeders of marijuana seeds because of the fine genetics that they have in each pot seed strain that they produce. Bodhi marijuana seeds can be found in many big seedbanks like Attitude seedbank, Breedbay, Cannabis Seedbank, Seedfinder and many more. Bodhi Seeds Company is a known family owned business that use organic methods in producing pot seeds and they use a special genetics file to know what are the best strains to produce hybrid marijuana seeds. Some of their popular ganja seeds are Bodhi seeds Apollo 11, Bodhi Seeds Tigers Milk, Bodhi seeds Deep Blue Pakistani and Bodhi Seeds Space Mountain. They have several classifications of marijuana seeds like regular, landraces, Heirloom, and Bodhi seeds Limited Edition. Some of their new strains waiting to be launched in the market as of this writing are Tranquil Elephantizer, Elf snack, and Dank Sinatra to name a few.

Bodhi seeds company has no website of its own but they have ample online exposure courtesy of seedbanks that carry their weed seed strains. Those who want to buy cannabis seeds produced by Bodhi Seeds must deal directly with seedbanks and retailers that carry their genetics. Discount coupons, special offers, payment options and shipping terms will depend on the requirements of the company selling their seeds.

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  2. Bought a pack of white lotus, they hermaphrodited they suck 
    and who has contacts for then since no one els that I’ve talked to  doesn’t want to help me

  3. I have long been a customer of Bodhi seeds and I would say they have one of the most stable genetics in the business.  The germination rate for their pot seeds are also quite good with 80% average based on my experience.  With this breeder you can be sure to get fresh seeds and not like those that have been in the seedbanks for eons.  One online breeder where I bought seeds fom in the past had only 2 seeds out of 10 that germinated and when I complained he even shot back and said their seeds are for collector’s item purposes and not for germination as it is against the law! Who the hell will buy seeds only to be displayed to rot in the shelves?  Cheeky bastard ignored my emails from then on.

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