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Perhaps one of the best and most well known marijuana seed banks in The Netherlands is Bonedoc Seeds. This marijuana seed bank is well known for its top quality marijuana seeds and highly successful germination rates. Like many other reputable marijuana seed banks, Bonedoc Seeds offers a guaranteed germination rate of at least 80% on all of the seeds that they sell. This is ideal for marijuana growers that want a successful and fruitful harvest from their crop. Bonedoc Seeds has also received many positive reviews about the quickness and stealth of their deliveries. They are able to ship their products to various parts of the world without any problems. Some of their most famous and potent strains include Queen’s Mix, Black Forest Pine, and Punk. But there is probably none more famous than Sherlock. This particular strain was developed by cross breeding the female Warlock strain with Skylock. It is famous for its unique flavor and extra kick when being smoked.

Bonedoc Seeds has not yet developed its own website as of now but their marijuana seeds are available in many other retailer seed banks. One place where you may purchase Bonedoc seeds is through Sensible Seeds, a very renowned marijuana seed bank. Here you may view and pick any of the marijuana strains that Bonedoc Seeds has to offer.

Bonedoc Seeds

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