Buddhas Sister Marijuana Seeds

Buddhas Sister

Type: Mostly Indica
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: 67 days
Yield: 25 — 35 gms Minimum
Height: Tall, Lanky
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica
Effect: Creative, Cerebral
Flavour: Sharp Fruity
THC Level:

Buddha’s Sister used to be known as Soma Skunk V+. It was appropriately changed to Buddha’s Sister because of its tendencies and to make her more appealing in coffee shops in Amsterdam. With the more attractive name, this strain started to sell like hotcakes in the said shops. It is still one of the strains that get sold out at the coffee shop, De Dampkring. She is lanky and tall like her sibling Siddharta. This strain is a hybrid of Afghani Hawaiian and Reclining Buddha. Buddha’s Sister possesses a very sharp cherry candy flavor and has an equally tart scent to it. The buds on this plant have an interestingly slippery and almost silky feel to it. These kinds of texture only mean one thing; it is resin filled which makes for fantastic hash. This Soma seed is very beneficial for those seeking medicinal traits in their cannabis. It is very potent and the high it gives you is very cerebral and creative.
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