Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Road Kill Skunk

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Flowering: Photoperoid
Yield:  Moderate to Heavy
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Indica
Effect: Intense Stone
THC Level:  

The Road Kill Skunk is pure skunk cannabis, evidently shown on the manner it will be tasted or smelled. Pepe Le Pew will surely be the first thing that comes in mind once this marijuana plant is taken out from its sealed pack. Aside from the “skunky” smell, Road Kill Skunk can be enjoyed as a potent treat which can help deliver its medicated value to the user for one hour or two.  The buds of the Road Kill Skunk are medium-sized, teeming and light green with a thousand of trichomes that are sticky when touched. This cannabis strain was named after its heavy skunk aroma and flavour. Its texture is likewise very nice since they appear to be a little dense.Majority of growers experience in an LST, SCRoG or SoG growing style, but these can likewise be easily cropped by a beginner, provided they can wait some 9-10 weeks for the completion of the flowering period; 4-6 suggested weeks for its vegetating.   Moreover, the Road Kill Skunk will not come as a disappointment unless the user does not prefer stronger strains. This stinky bud is believed to be the most potent among Skunk Varieties.