Ak-47 Marijuana Seeds


Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 6-8 Weeks
Yield:  350-500g/m2
Height:  45-55 cm
Indica/Sativa:  Sativa Dominant
THC Level:  21.5%
Growing: Â

AK-47 is a strain that produces award winning marijuana.  It has become the most famous marijuana strain ever bred. The name AK-47 was given since it considered as “one hit wonder”.    This plant is mostly Sativa. AK-47 is a medium height strain that is fast growing. It produces good yields of marijuana in a short span of time. This particular marijuana strain has only a short flowering time which only takes 6-8 weeks. AK-47 has an extreme enticing odor and irresistible smoke. It has THC level of 21.5%. It yields 350-500 g/m ²compact and not overly leafed buds coated with resin crystals.
AK-47 is a strain that ensures quality without compromise. High good yield is really guaranteed. This is also a good choice for commercial growers and users. Its harvest time is usually in the mid to end of October. It is suitable to be grown both indoors and outdoors. This strain is best recommended not only because for its fantastic appearance but also for its good smoke quality.