Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Big Gun

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Effect: Somewhat Couchlock
Flavour:  Smooth Piney Earthy Taste
THC Level:  
Growing: Â

Big Gun is a female cannabis seed that resulted from a male AK-47 and female Matanasuka Tundra. It is a stellar F1 hybrid that used outstanding pedigree. Big Gun is extremely vigorous growing plant with tight heavy buds. Moreover, it has an enticing aroma and a sweet smoke that anybody can hardly resist. Its flavor is a bit piney with earthy taste.
Big gun is advisable to be grown both indoors and outdoors. It only requires minimal effort in tendering this certain marijuana strain. It is a strain that is best suited for both commercial breeders and home users because of its quick growth and quality. This is also best recommended for those who are likely to be impatient in cultivating since its flowering period takes only 8 weeks after germination.   Its effect brings a certain high that allows any user to be somewhat couchlock. It has a fantastic high which any smokers would want to experience.