Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

California Indica

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 40-45 Days
Yield:  125g/m2
Height:  100-130 cm
Effect: Pleasant Body Relaxer
Flavour:  Sweet Orange
THC Level:  
Growing: Â

California Indica is a fine sweet orange flavored California marijuana strain. It is combined with a skunky harsh flavored Indica. It has heavy buds with lots of resins.  California Indica has a beautiful flower structure that is open and airy. It is considered a versatile plant since it performs well under all different conditions. It is also known to be the “Christmas tree” type specimen because of its many side branches that tends to be this strains big yielders.
California Indica is best recommended to be grown indoors or in greenhouses. California Indica takes 45-50 days for its flowering period. It would yield up to 125 gr. per m ² and up to 500 gr. per m ² when grown in a greenhouse. It grows as much as a height of 100-130 cm. This strain has performed optimally in the country of Spain and other dry Mediterranean type climates. It’s also has citrusy after taste which every smokers will like.    The buzz is a pleasant body relaxer with mellow effects that won’t lock you on the couch after one toke.