Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Sugar Blossoms

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 50-55 Days
Flavour:  Sweet
THC Level:  
Growing: Â

Sugar Blossoms is an Indica/ Sativa marijuana strain. It is high yielding strain. It is also considered one of the fast flowering resinous cannabis. It basically produces dense and sugar-coated buds that have a delightful sweet taste. It offers a light lemon aroma that will entice any smokers to at least have one toke.
Sugar Blossoms is advisable for either indoor or outdoor cultivation. This strain is very manageable that’s why not only the connoisseurs who love this strain but also the ordinary home users. Sugar Blossoms trims up very easily and has a beautiful balance high. It flowers within a short period of 50-55 days before it be ready for harvest. Its high is simply fantastic.