Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Ultimate Peak

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: 8-10 Weeks
Yield: High
Height:  60-75 cm
Indica/Sativa:  Indica Dominant
THC Level:  
Growing: Â

Ultimate Peak is strain that is mostly Indica. It has been crossbred from Peak 19 and Bubbleberry strains.   Ultimate Peak is called as such because it combines several of the heaviest yields. It expands to a peak of 60-75 cm which is perfect for indoor grow room. Its flowering period is 8-10 weeks with intense bud development in the final 2 weeks. Though this strain is manageable, it will still need proper fertilizer and water to assure that it will give a great harvest.   This is one of the best varieties that many commercial breeders opted to grow. This strain is also a good choice for novice growers.
As mostly Indica, Ultimate Peak offers a very strong head high. It will make you feel like narcotic high. It is mainly one of the reasons why it is one of the favorite ganjas worldwide. Obviously, its name says it all. Ultimate peak will really take you to the highest point there is.