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A Tua Experiencia Natural

A Tua Experiencia Natural Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank based in Spain and they carry marijuana seeds from respected breeders such as Barney’s Farm, Buddha Seeds, Genehtik, Greenhouse Seeds, and Positronics to name just a few. Some of the featured cannabis seeds in their website are Afghan Express, Mayday Express, Critical Express, and Cum Laude among others. Aside from being a seedbank for high quality cannabis seeds, they also sell growshop items to complement the needs to grow [Read more..]


AB Seeds

AB Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder and they sell their marijuana seeds online. some of the marijuana seeds sold by A-B seeds are Early Pearl/Northern Light, Skunk #1, High Grade, and Presidents Choice. Their website lists only 4 cannabis seeds under their name and they offer weed seeds in packs of 20 seeds and priced in US dollars. They have a very cheap price for their weed seeds which run only from $25 to $50 for 20 seeds [Read more..]


ABC Seeds

ABC Marijuana Seeds ABC Marijuana Seeds is a budding online seedbank, founded in 2010; they have been a platform of cannabis-lovers who aspire to be breeders. Positive customer testimonials have shown that their starting company is on the rise to become one of the top suppliers of cannabis seeds. This German seedbank is currently refining an extensive collection of approximately 80 strains of weed. They only provide the best and the most popular Marijuana strains on their online store, favoring [Read more..]


AC Genetics

AC Genetics Marijuana Seeds AC Genetics or “Autoflowering Cannabis Genetics” is a Netherland-based seed bank that entirely focuses on producing autoflowering cannabis seeds. Autoflowering Marijuana seeds were introduced to pot growers some time ago. This cannabis variety will automatically start to flower regardless of the amount of light they receive each day. Due to its limitations when first introduced, only a few took interest and luckily AC Genetics were one of those handful. They saw hope in this new variety [Read more..]


Ace Seeds

Ace Marijuana Seeds Ace Seeds are an online marijuana seed dealer and breeder, carrying their own pot seed strains, and some others. They carry feminized, regular, and auto-flowering and some limited merchandise, they focus pretty intently on their cannabis seeds. They offer free pot seeds with every purchase, in very limited quantities, and they do ship all over the world. If they do not specifically ship to your country, they can be ordered through The Attitude Seed Bank. Their breeders [Read more..]