Druid Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Asturjaya

Druid Type: Climate: Indoor, Outdoor Flowering: 55-60 days indoor Yield: 400 to 700 grams per m2 Height: Large Indica/Sativa: indica/sativa Effect: spiritual journey Flavour: THC Level: 21.5% Growing: Very Easy Astur Jaya is known for producing many different kind of strain that looks very good. One of those strains is Druid. It is known for having an elegant flower formation that includes the colour red, pink and purple. Pin pointing what is the dominant colour is simply impossible. To emphasize [Read more..]

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Red Cloud Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Asturjaya

Red Cloud Type: Regular Climate: indoor/outdoor Flowering: 45-50 days Yield: 400-600 gr Height: Medium Indica/Sativa: Indica Effect: Medicinal, smell of ripe fruit Flavour: THC Level: 20% Growing: Easy This strain is yet another one of the pure Indica plants that Astur Jaya has in store. Before the successful creation of this strain, know that there are many breeding projects that involve the famous Red Lebanon Hush and Pakistani strains. The term “red cloud” was the English meaning of “NubeRoja”, the [Read more..]

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Celtic Stone Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Asturjaya

Celtic Stone Type: Climate: Indoor, Outdoor Flowering: 42-47 days Yield: 350-450 gr Height: small-medium Indica/Sativa: Indica Effect: Indian medicinal powerful Flavour: THC Level: 21% Growing: Easy This marijuana variant is another unique plant coming from the famous Astur Jaya. Celtic Stone is a plant that is said to be a fast growing indica strain that is developed specifically for the purpose of growing it under artificial lightings. Celtic Stone is the combination of pure Afghan, Pakistan and Lebanese genetics. It [Read more..]

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North Tempo Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Asturjaya

North Tempo Type: Hybrid Climate: indoor/outdoor Flowering: 47-50 days Yield: 350-450 gr. Height: small-medium Indica/Sativa: Mostly sativa Effect: Flavour: THC Level: 18% Growing: Easy This marijuana strain is yet another plant that is considered to be mostly sativa by Astur Jaya. The genetics of North Tempo can be traced from way back to the mountain of Lesotho which is located at South Africa. Know that North Tempo is very easy to grow because right from the start, it is naturally [Read more..]

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Gord Cornfield Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Asturjaya

Gord Cornfield Type: Hybrid Climate: Indoor, Outdoor Flowering: 50-60 days Yield: 350-500 gr Height: 2-3 meters Indica/Sativa: Sativa Effect: Sativa Flavour: THC Level: 16.5% Growing: Gord Cornfield is considered to be the most productive seed that Astur Jaya has to offer its customers. The genetics of this marijuana strain can be traced from the green plant that is grown by the proud Ebony warriors in the area of South Africa. This green plant is known for producing compact buds that [Read more..]

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