303 Seeds

303 Marijuana Seeds A breeder originating from Denver, Colorado, 303 Seeds company aims to provide the best medical cannabis seeds in the State of Colorado. They are licensed to distribute medicinal marijuana seeds under Amendment 20 of the Colorado Constitution. They are one of the very few companies in the United States given the authority to sell weed seeds. Some of the marijuana seeds sold by the company are 303 Snow Goddess, Jet-Fuel “G6”, Ski Train, Bio-Diesel, Shooting Star, and [Read more..]


420 Seed bank

420 Seed Bank 420 Seeds Bank have the seeds; the new or experienced grower is looking to grow in indoor or outdoor crops. Located in the Netherlands, they deliver in the UK, Canada, the USA, and other countries, in stealth packaging. They have a wide selection of feminized seeds and auto-flowering strains, along with the favorite Indica and Sativa strains. There is never a need to look for coupons of discount codes or even wait for promotions from this seed [Read more..]


7 Dwarfs Seeds

7 Dwarfs Marijuana Seeds If you want to buy marijuana seeds that has a touch of the Greek Mythology, then the 7 Dwarfs Marijuana Seeds is for you.   This breeder has a Greek God’s name to each of the marijuana strains that they offer to customers.   They have marijuana seeds named after Hercules, Titan, Colossus, and Cyclops among many other weed seeds in their gallery.   More than the name given to each pot strain, the quality is [Read more..]


7 Pecados

7 Pecados Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder of marijuana seeds and they have no website as of now. Their only online exposure is courtesy of Dr. Bud Castellon which listed them as mong the breeders of cannabis seeds that supply them with pot seeds. They are among the independent breeders supplying some ganja seed retail stores in Europe and since they are offline, very little information is known about them as of now. Those who want to try [Read more..]


AB Seeds

AB Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder and they sell their marijuana seeds online. some of the marijuana seeds sold by A-B seeds are Early Pearl/Northern Light, Skunk #1, High Grade, and Presidents Choice. Their website lists only 4 cannabis seeds under their name and they offer weed seeds in packs of 20 seeds and priced in US dollars. They have a very cheap price for their weed seeds which run only from $25 to $50 for 20 seeds [Read more..]