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Iberocanna Grow Shop

Iberocanna Grow Shop Marijuana Seeds The company get marijuana seeds from select independent breeders with high quality strains. They specialize in auto-flowering feminized pot seeds with good and stable genetics. Some of the marijuana seeds with which this they are known are the Auto Iberocanna, Critical, Hash Plant x G13, and Mini Babibel. The Iberocanna marijuana seeds are available in single seeds and the price is based in Euro dollar. Some of the pot seed breeders that they carry include [Read more..]

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Idea B.M.

Idea B.M. Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank based in the Czech Republic and they particularly carry marijuana seeds coming from the breeder Seeds of Life. Some of the cannabis seeds featured in their website are Black Domina Skunk x Super Skunk and Ultra Skunk hybrid strains. They offer both retail and wholesale from a single seed to a box of 100 seeds to customers. Aside from marijuana seeds, they also offer other products in their shop like apparel, [Read more..]

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Ilife Creations S.L.

Ilife Creations S.L. Marijuana Seeds This is one of the seedbanks based in Barcelona, Spain. Their website is not working as of now so very little information is available from this Spanish seedbank except for the numbers given on the left lower pane of this page where those who want to buy marijuana seeds can get in touch with them and find out what exactly they offer. They are known to be one of the seedbanks where marijuana seed strains [Read more..]

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Imagine BCN

Imagine BCN Marijuana Seeds This company is one of the biggest in their country. They have 4 seedbanks strategically located around the major cities of Spain where customers can buy marijuana seeds coming from some of the finest pot seeds breeders in the world like Barney’s Farm, Genehtik, Positronics, and Seeds Trokoma to name a few. They have almost all the varieties like regular seeds, feminized, and auto-flowering weed seeds, and medical marijuana seeds for both beginners and expert growers. [Read more..]

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Imagine Growshop

Imagine Growshop Marijuana Seeds This company is based in Spain and it is a seedbank that has marijuana seeds coming from select breeders like Barney’s Farm, Eva Seeds, Pyramid Seeds, and Sweet Seeds among others. Growshop Imagine has some of the best weed seeds normally sought by beginners and expert growers like Feminized, auto-flowering, and Regular pot seeds. Some of the well-known strains carried by the company include Black Diesel Feminized seeds from Advanced Seeds, Press from Buddha Seeds, and [Read more..]