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Nano Seeds

Nano Marijuana Seeds Specializing in both wholesale and retail, Nano Seeds is a seedbank selling marijuana seeds from a number of breeders such as Serious Seeds, Barney’s Farm Seeds, and Dutch Passion. They are based in Russia. Some of their latest weed seeds include the following: “Dr.feelgood automatic feminized”, “Purple Haze #1 feminized”, and “May Day Express” to name a few weed seeds. The bestsellers are the “White Widow feminized”, “WilliamsII Lophophora”, and “Pachanoi Trichocereus”. Their products is divided into [Read more..]

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Natural Mystic

Natural Mystic Marijuana Seeds A hassle-free order is one of the goals of this company in line with promoting their marijuana seeds. They are an online seed bank based in United Kingdom who works hand in hand with different manufacturers and they offer free shipping (done via Royal Mail 1st or its international counterpart) if your order reaches a certain amount. The manufacturers listed on their website are Ace Seeds, Advanced Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Big Buddha Seeds, and Cannabiogen, to [Read more..]

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Natural System

Natural System Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank based in Spain and they have no website as of this writing. Their online exposure is courtesy of breeder Kannabia seed which listed them as one of its retailers in the country. As an offline retailer of cannabis seeds, they are most likely the same with coffeeshops in other countries that sell marijuana seeds on over the counter basis to walk-in customers. It is not known if they deliver pot seeds [Read more..]

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Nature Grow

Nature Grow Marijuana Seeds This online seedbank is based in Spain and they have in their weed seeds inventory some of the quality seeds from prominent breeders such as Barney’s Farm, Dinafem, and Big Buddha Seeds to name a few. Some of their pot seeds are the 2 pounder, 60 day wonder, and A-Train seeds. Those who would like to buy marijuana seeds from them must provide their details and the company will get back at them for the requirements. [Read more..]

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NCGA Marijuana Seeds The initials is short for North California Grower’s Association and they are a breeder of marijuana seeds like Blue widow, G13 BW, and Sugar Baby. This company has no website as of now and their pot seeds are sold in some selected seedbanks like Maryjane’s Garden and Cannabis mj seeds. Those who want to buy pot strains coming from this breeder must then do it with the seedbanks and the shipping as well as payment forms will [Read more..]

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