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Odysseed Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank based in the United Kingdom and sells marijuana seeds from select and credible breeders around the world. They make sure that they carry only quality cannabis strains and it begins by selecting the breeders where they order their stocks. Some of the breeders that Odysseed carry are Barneys Farm, Dutch Passion, Green House, and Magus Genetics among others. They have all varieties of weed seeds in their inventory ranging from regular, feminized, [Read more..]


OG Raskal Seeds

OG Raskal Marijuana Seeds The company where one could buy the OG Raskal Seeds (a group of breeders) online is canna collective, and they are based in West Yorkshire in England. Some of the marijuana seeds they sell are named “Ograskal Seeds Fire Alien Strawberry”, “Ograskal Seeds Fire Alien Master”, “Ograskal Seeds feminized White Strawberry Cough”, “Ograskal Seeds feminized White Urkle”, and “Ograskal Seeds feminized White Romulan” just to mention a few. The website features a privacy policy to ensure [Read more..]


Old Dreams Genetics

Old Dreams Genetics Marijuana Seeds. This marijuana seeds breeder is composed of 6 individual breeders who work together to cultivate beautiful and attractive marijuana strains with a variety of genetics obtained from different resources. They are relatively new breeders and offer only a few strains but the seeds offered are of good quality and each of the seed are hand selected. The popular strains of the breeder are Critikal 99, Deep Chunk, Deep Fast, Deep Spook, Deepaka, Nepal Highland and [Read more..]


OMC Growshop

OMC Growshop Marijuana Seeds This company has no website but it is a retailer of marijuana seeds particularly coming from Barney’s seeds. It is not known what strains they carry but it is safe to assume that they have all the strains coming from Barney’s Farm. Those who would like to know more about the company and the marijuana seeds they offer can call them at the numbers given at Barney’s Farm list of distributors. Website: No Website [Read more..]


Omni Seeds

Omni Marijuana Seeds A Dutch breeder specializing in small runs of medical strains is what Omni Seeds is about. Some of the marijuana seeds they sell to various seedbanks include “Agnih”, “AK-Snow”, “Auto Himalaya Diesel”, “Bangara”, and “Bhusana”. Most of the weed they sell are hybrids. The website featuring the omni seeds display which strain of marijuana is used; whether it is suitable for growing indoors or outdoors; the flowering time; and user votes. In addition, it includes an indication [Read more..]