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Rare Dankness Seeds

Rare Dankness Marijuana Seeds Established in 2010, this company that breeds fine marijuana seeds aims to provide the best varieties of cannabis to the medical community. They have been around only for two years but the collective expertise of their breeders total many years and this is why they can immediately come up with new and exciting hybrids. Rare Dankness Seeds has categorized their weed strains into four and customers can choose between sativa, indica, kush, and best seller categories. [Read more..]


Rasta Place

RastaPlace Ltd. This company is a cannabis seedbank that has been in business for a number of years already. The company is based in Italy where they mostly trade marijuana seeds. They carry marijuana seeds from breeders such Afropips. This seedbank is out of website right now and any information that could be gathered will be based on their presence in some online seedbanks. It is not known if they are already out of business though because there seems to [Read more..]


Reefermans Seeds

Reefermans Marijuana Seeds This company is a quality conscious Marijuana seed breeder located in Canada. It is a leading breeder among a number of Canadian seed producers and is Cannabis Cup winner of the year 2004 for the strain Love Potion Number 1. The company holds the expertise to produce high quality marijuana seeds and holds an experience of over 30 years. This Canadian breeder is associated with many popular seed banks present online offering wide range of cannabis strains. [Read more..]


Reggae Seeds

Reggae Marijuana Seeds This company is a Spanish marijuana seeds breeder which develops its new exceptional cannabis strains. The Reggae Family of powerful marijuana seed strains are a product of several experiments, selections and tests of male and female cannabis seeds from all over the world. Most of its strains are a result of cross breeding with the famous Kalijah strain. Reggae Seeds has continuously created a growing demand for its limited edition of extraordinary genetics. It has in its [Read more..]


Reserva Privada

Reserva Privada Marijuana Seeds Reserva Privada is composed of a group of breeders who are located in West Coast of America. These breeders raise quality cannabis strains that are known to produce the best possible yield which are then exclusively marketed under the trade name Reserva Privada. All seeds offered by the breeder are manufactured from premium cannabis strains and are batch tested to ensure quality and productivity. They offer different range of flavors, effects and strength. All the seeds [Read more..]