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Sannie Seeds

Sannie Seeds This company is an online weed seed retailer based in The Netherlands. They offer a variety of marijuana seeds which are made available through Sannie’s shop. They not only sell weeds but this growshop also has a number of journal entries when it comes to growing marijuana seeds. Some of the products that they sell are the starter’s kit, buffertablets, and sannie’s bacto, in addition to organic materials; all of which are designed to make your weed grow [Read more..]


Sannies Shop

Sannies Shop Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder of marijuana seeds and online seedbank that is based in The Netherlands. As a breeder of cannabis seeds, they follow strict selections. They breed marijuana plants and select only the best strain based on flavor and yield and from there produce fine weed strains that are of the best quality. They do not offer their pot seeds to other online seedbanks so buyers who want to buy marijuana seeds of their [Read more..]


Sant Yerbasi

Sant Yerbasi Grow Shop Marijuana Seeds This company is an online seebank based in Spain and they are one of the active weed seeds shop in that part of Europe.   They have stores where those who want to buy marijuana seeds can visit and they are strategically located in Barcelona, Mataro, Maresme and Villadolid, Spain.   They have marijuana seeds for sale that comes from known cannabis seeds breeders such as Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, Postronics, and Eva [Read more..]



Satindi Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank based in Poland and they sell feminized marijuana seeds from bigtime breeders like Advanced Seeds, Jah Seeds, Rokerij Seeds, Cannabis Seeds, and Spliff Seeds among others. They have both big and small independent breeders in their list of marijuana seeds sources and they sell pot seeds in original breeder’s packs unless requested by the customer to be placed in another packaging for discreet and stealth shipping purposes. The weed seeds are priced [Read more..]


Sativa Bags

Sativa Bags This company is not an online seedbank or a seller of marijuana seeds. What they have are products made of hemp. Hemp is a variety of cannabis that is used in a lot of ways to produce different products like shoes , bags, T-shirts, body care kits, and other accessories. Hemp has very low THC and therefore cannot be used for smoking as it will only give headache to those who will try to smoke it. They have [Read more..]